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Website Composite Shimmering Wolf Studios offers complete website development and marketing, including website hosting and full Search Engine Optimization.

From taking your ideas and translating into a full design, SWS handles the design, implementation, and as necessary, the hosting of your website – fully integrating the project and delivering to you complete services from start to finish.

Your website will be built intelligently, in a way that is not only user-friendly, but also search engine friendly (SEF). Although web search engine algorithyms are a closely guarded secret, there are guidelines and parameters that SWS will build into your website.

If necessary, your site can be fully analyzed and optimized with a full SEO analysis, in conjunction with alliances that SWS has with Search Engine Experts.

A full SEO analysis includes the following services:

  • Crawling your website with the major search engine’s simulated spider. See exactly what the spiders see.
  • Receive advanced algorithm analysis of your site comparing it with the top ten search results on Google to know what you need to do to get first page ranking.
  • Receive expert SEO copy writing recommendations that are keyword targeted in terms of keyword quantity, density and position on your website.
  • Optimize your page’s title tag and body text, your description and keyword meta tags, the blue anchor text of links pointing to your site that can be one of your most valuable assets for rankings, internal links text, URLs and other coding where appropriate.
  • Determine your site's link popularity.  See exactly what the link text reads of sites pointing links to your site, one of the most important ranking factors on Google.
  • Perform an HTML validation check of your website.  
  • Know your website is spider friendly.
  • Track the immediate results with two ranking reports.

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Project experience in a wide range of fields, and a skillset that can fulfill just about any marketing project requirements.

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